2003 Results

Summary of Tournament 17th June 2003

Results of the Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament 2003 at Bell’s Sports Centre, Perth, Scotland.

The dry sunny weekend saw over a thousand people using 30 outdoor courts in the best of conditions, many players staying around organizing scratch games amongst themselves whenever a spare court became available.

100 outdoor teams in 7 divisions on 30 grass courts and the honours division playing in the five indoor courts. The mens’ and womens’ honour finals were played on the central court under the high domed roof with spectators packing the bleachers set up on three sides.

As well as teams from Scotland, the tournament had entries from England and Ireland, two teams from the Washington area USA, a team from Guernsey and the regulars from the Faroe Islands.

Several teams, as is the custom, arrived in fancy dress. The best being judged as the superheroes in lilac lycra, A.K.A. The Dirty Sanchez, who wore their costumes, including the yellow zorro style masks over the entire two days.

Caithness glass provided the team trophies and each member of every winning team received a medal from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Special Awards
Most Improved Player: Women: Shawna Mullen, Queensferry
Most Improved Player: Men: Paul Konsir, X-Patriots
Best dressed Team: Dirty Sanchez.

Division of honour Women
Winners: X-Patriots 20-25 25-18 15-10 (America)
Runners up: English Universities (England)
Consolation: Queensferry (Edinburgh)

Division of honour Men
Winners: Su Ragazzi 25-17 25-21(Glasgow)
Runners up: X-Patriots (America)
Consolation: Bon Accord (Glasgow)

Division 1 Women
Winners: Hebburn Harlequins (Newcastle)
Runners up: Fleyr Foroyar (Faroes)

Division 2 Women
Winners: Anything Goes (E. Kilbride)
Runners up: Metz (Glasgow)
Consolation: Glasgow Mets Futures (Glasgow)

Division 1 Men
Winners: Bellshill VC (Bellshill)
Runners up: Mersey eels (Mersey)
Consolation: Matron’s Marauders (Banchory)

Division 2 Men
Winners: Isla (Keith)
Runners up: SOS (Carnoustie)
Consolation: More Than a Kiwi (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

Division 1 mixed
Winners: Sumo Nuvoc Mixed (Edinburgh)
Runners up: Edinburgh University (Edinburgh)

Division 2 mixed
Winners: Who’se Round (Kinloss)
Runners up: The Trotters (Ardrossan)
Consolation: Scottish Power Fools (Perth)

Division 3 mixed
Winners: Dodgy Diggers (Whitley Bay)
Runners up: Dumfries Dynamos (Dumfries)
Consolation: Sexy Setters (Whitley Bay)

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