Campsite Safety

The actions of a few teams and individuals in the campsite has resulted in some very serious concerns in recent years.  If we are unable to maintain a safe environment and show respect to local residents and all users of the campsite, there is a very real risk that this event will not be allowed to take place.

  • NO FIRES – Open fires are not allowed in the campsite – this is not safe.  This is a public park which must also be protected for other users.
  • NOISE LEVEL – Please respect others staying in the campsite and also the residents in nearby houses.  There are families / young children present so music and noise levels should be kept to a minimum after 11.00pm.
  • SAFETY – There are security staff on duty throughout the night to ensure your protection and we would ask that you respect their requests.  They are acting on behalf of the SOVT Committee to keep everyone safe.
  • RESPECT – This event is organised by a very small group of volunteers.  We want you to have fun and enjoy the weekend, but we need your help to make it is a success.  Please, please consider others and ensure your actions are appropriate.