2024 Tournament Update

We are now passed the closing date for applications and no more can be accepted. It has been a bumper year. We have 142 teams divided as follows:

Women Division 1: 9

Mixed Division 1:  9
Mixed Division 2: 24
Mixed Division 3: 40

Men Division 1: 9
Men Division 2: 27
Men Division 3: 24

We are expecting 350 tents and almost 1,000 people.

As many of you know we have had to overcome a major obstacle caused by the flooding of Bells Sports Centre last winter. It is now completely out of action with no decision yet about its long term prospects. However the staff of Bells have been terrific and it will be kept open for us to use its facilities. Without that initiative and co-operation it is likely that we would not have been able to hold the Tournament at all. The flooding has meant that the Control Room is out of action but we have been relocated within Bells on the other side of the entrance with direct access from the North Inch. We have also lost the women’s showers – not from flooding – but from the ravages of RAAC which means that that part of the building has been deemed unsafe for use.

However our friends in Perthshire Rugby Club have come to our rescue and in addition to us using their showers for the men we are going to be able to use another set of showers in their premises for the women with suitable separation between the two!

Bells have also made another set of showers available in the Mall (the entrance to Bells) for women.

We are very grateful for everyones support and help and we think it reflects the very positive feelings there are with regard to the SOVT.  We would also like to add in advance our appreciation of the volunteers without whom the competition could not happen.

Another difference you might see is that we may be less “hi-tech” in the production of the fixtures and results but we are still working on that and getting our abacuses dusted down.

We are very much looking forward to this year’s event and hope that you are too. 

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